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A Local Oklahoma Restaurant Tradition Since 1976

The Founders opened the original Interurban Restaurant in Norman’s “Interurban” Trolley Station. Interurban is a casual and fun concept featuring a wide variety of menu items catering to families, busy business professionals, young high school and college singles, and baby boomers of all ages


Local & Daily Specials

Check out our specials by clicking on the links to the left of your screen. Deals vary by location, so go find your favorite spot and find out what’s on the list!


Interurban To Go

We know how busy you are, and we are happy to help by providing your favorite Interurban menu items To Go. To get started, find the Interurban nearest you and choose from our menu here on our website.  Just call and place an order with us and your order will be ready in no time at all.


Easy Way to the Norman Urb!




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